May 25th, 2005

OMAKE FOOTNOTES:   Popular Chatoyanics is one of the most successful and longest running science magazines in Pastel,
only Scientific Shushokujin is older. The magazine was started in Cen 5, or the fifth century since the arrival of
humans in the universe of Pastel.

Wordfull Worklab is one of the most popular sections of the magazine, especially with younger readers.
Parents in Pastel with an interest in science find Wordfull Worklab an excellent way to get their
children involved in the study of Chatoyanics, that and various windy pictures of sports aerocars
and the ever popular "What's Colorful" guide to new chatoyant tech toys and gadgets.

The cartoon character of Doctor Harivarpas is based on the real Dr. Harivarpas of Shushoku,
and was developed with his permission. Dr. Harivarpas strongly believes that science should
be open to the public, and that young minds should be encouraged, however the fame of
having a cartoon character based off of him in a mainstream publication has hurt his
career and standing with his peers in Chatoyanic science - essentially out of petty
Jealousy. Not unlike what happened to Carl Sagan, really.


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