How The Comic Is Made

The tools used to create Pastel Defender Heliotrope are:

Wacom Intuos 2 Pen Tablet Size 12 X 18 (all work)

Alias Sketchpad Pro software (all painting work)

Corel Paint Shop Pro 7 (lettering work)

and Web Express 4.0 (paging and posting online)

Now, lets take a look at the main work environment:

This is a very reduced image of my basic working environment inside of Alias Sketchbook Pro. I use a starting blank page of white which is 2250 X 3000 pixels in size.  This size is ideal in several ways: it is the exact dimensions of an 8 X 11 sheet of paper, and is thus perfect for printing out, and it has enough pixels to be worthy of printing to make a nice, professional quality book someday (if such should ever occur).

I save my master files in .Tiff format, which is used by many printers, because unlike other formats, there is little to no compression loss. The final pages put out on the internet are reduced to 742 X 990 pixels, and saved off as .JPG images.

In the image above, on the right, you can see at the top the layer tool, which allows work on separate floating layers upon which to paint, below that the curving arc of the Alias Iconic Tool Menu, and on the left, two tool panels, one for various brushes and pens, and below that a color tool that acts as a paintbox for selecting colors to paint with.

Now, lets get to work.


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