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Never Leave A Man's Behind

August 8th, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Aging little Theodicys Celedon was an interesting task here - I needed him to be recognizably himself, despite extreme age. He would, at this point, be just a little older than organic-version Fuschia Shiro within this time period, which would be around the age of eighty-five or so. Fuschia is currently temporally folded, for those that are fascinated by such matters; at this point in the time axis she exists twice - her old organic self is still alive on the distant frontier colony of Cerulia, sitting in her favorite neoplastic chair (just the same as Heliotrope's body!) knitting a heliotrope-colored cap to cover her lover's ever-thinning hair. They have re-entered Pastel about a week before Fuschia dies / died / will-die.

Another thing of note is that Heliotrope does not bother with projecting clothing, she simply has altered the coloration of her new body to match the pattern of her original 'hero suit'; though she has extruded hovering pauldrons and new floating bracers, presumably as an act of style.

You might recognize the building they have strolled to, it is the ruins of the Chatoyant Seven News Building on what remains of Shushoku Continent. I wonder what happened to Pailaa Marron. She would have to be long dead by now, but one wonders whether she survived the Jellese invasion, and if so, what she did under their total conquest. Maybe Theo can tell us...

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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