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 The Only Constant Is Loss

April 4th, 2007

PAGE FOOTNOTES This is the first time I have fully painted  the Tryslmaistan Jellese subspecies called Slimes. As readers of Unicorn Jelly know, The native organo-crystalline Bideokeemu of Tryslmaistan are composed of two companioning species; the colorful, dome-shaped Jellese, and the clear, living puddles called Slimes.

Dr. Godan, in this story (Fetchenevets) is a very deformed Jellese; driven by constant starvation in the anathmic Pastellian cosmos to gorge, we have seen him mostly as a gargantuan blob filled with human bones, his outer membrane riddled with inflamed nerve-like cables.

But Slimes also live in Pastel, indeed the Jellese could not have survived without them, for only the Slimes are capable of chemically breaking down matter and reconstituting it into substances that can nourish native Tryslmaistan plants and animals. It is only because of such effort that crystalline food plants could be grown (in special vats) to feed the Jellese, providing them with nutrients that are utterly absent in human foods.

The Slimes also are very good at construction; they can excrete a material not unlike a kind of plastic porcelain.. Directed by a Jellese, the Slimes can swarm and manufacture the strange and lovely native Tryslmaistan 'eggshell' buildings. We have seen previous examples of Slime construction in the story so far: the Cathedral of Godan  where Religious Minister Hei Kelainos and his catamite administrator Theodicys Celedon were based, for instance. That building was made by Slimes long ago, before the Great Slave Rebellion, where the Jellese left the domination of the humans of Pastel.

The small number of Slimes and Jellese of Cerulia, Governor Cerul's continent, regularly need to stay 'overnight' with Heliotrope and Fuschia, to bathe in the invisible electanic radiation that Dr. Godan has reasoned must eminate from the Omnipitor. This has ended their suffering and allowed them a normal life for the first time in over eight centuries in Pastel. Over the years, Heliotrope and Fuschia have been given increasingly large homes to support such constant visitation, the latest construction is their newest 'farm house'. Every week brings a new shift of Slimes and Jellese to be regenerated by proximity to Heliotrope.

We would assume that if Heliotrope's Omnipitor is buried with Fuschia one day, the grave site will be at the center of a park, the purpose of which is to act as a fountain of life for all the Umor -the native Tryslmaistan sapients- to regularly visit in order to live without pain.

A magic garden, of a sort.


By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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