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Fishing For Cows

August 16th, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTESThe hyperdimensional tool humorously represented in this page is distantly derived from a semi-lucid dream I once had. In the dream, I was working within a kind of interface for Creation, a sort of User-Friendly Creatrix OS. The interface took the physical representation of a shotgun shack floating in a void, called the Fertile Void, and out back of the cabin was a swirling black-hole like thing with an accretion disk...the garbage dump. Out the front of the cabin was whatever current universe one wanted to be working on.

Inside the shack were many cheap wooden shelves, and a large, polished wooden workbench and chair. The shelves were filled with jars and bottles of things like trees of various sorts (in dust-like miniature), types of animal kinds (in suspended animation), atmosphere (in semi-liquid form) and suchlike, also on the shelves were rolls of black spacetime tape for sealing the corners of universes built with sheets of hyperspace paper. There were jars of planetary cores, jars with stars of various grades all glowing like tiny fireflies, and even instant biosphere mix, just add lifeforce (which itself was available in tins).

In the dream, I took one of the many scattered tools from off the bench and used it to pluck a planet from a solar system inside of a universe I was working on. The way it worked in the dream was that so long as I shut one eye -thus eliminating three dimensional perspective- I could use the tiny needlenose pliers to void the very nature of perspective itself. Closing one eye, distance and scale suddenly became nothing, and I could pluck the faraway planet from its tidy orbit, and set it on the bench.

Once inside the cabin, the planet remained small, about the size of a large marble. I then proceeded to paint a thin coat of atmosphere on it, dust it with trees and life forms, and added a little more ocean here and there. Then I picked up the tiny orb and with one eye closed once more, set it back in the firmament.

During the dream, I was vaguely aware that it was a dream, and that the environment I was in was supposed to be a whimsical metaphoric representation of something much vaster...that it was just one way, among an infinite many, to interact with something as grand as making entire universes. An interface, as if on a computer.

The dream really impressed me a lot, both for its sense of fun, and for the bizarre notions within it. I even made on of my personal Jennese Tarot Cards of it, which you can jump directly to here.  

Just for fun, here is a jump to the whole Jennese Tarot itself, here.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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