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Is It Soup Yet?

March 29th, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Theodicys Celedon is based on a real person, one who I knew during my time in San Francisco. I rescued a street waif who called himself 'Robin' (not his real name) who had been stuck with a rather cruel and dangerous 'sugar daddy'. I was asked by a mutual friend to intervene and help, I ended up taking in the young lad.

Robin had escaped from Virginia, where his highly religious father had tried to gut him with a knife for being gay. During the struggle, Robin managed to knock his father insensate with a large chunk of wood, and ran for his life. He never looked back, and found himself on the streets of San Francisco at the age of 13. I met him when he was 15. A typical San Francisco story.

Robin found a way to survive common to runaways, especially very young runaways, but it was mostly one he truly enjoyed. Robin was not merely gay, he was deliriously, fabulously, outrageously, utterly gay, and there was nothing in the world he loved more that jumping on the business end of a very large, very well endowed older man. This was not merely a career for him, it was his greatest wish in all of life itself.

When Robin once told me, (for some reason the conversation turned to such things, I have no idea how) what he truly enjoyed most, I was a bit taken back. It involved a suspended sling and a man possessed with not so much as reproductive organs as a flesh baseball bat, or perhaps a bazooka. Robin was what is called a 'size queen'. King Kong would have been insufficient to his dreams.

Horrified, I asked, incredulously, how his tiny body coped with intrusion.

His answer?

With a big grin and his catch phrase, one I will never forget:

"Is it soup yet?"

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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