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Sweet Little Apocalypse

March 8th, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTES: How does one explain the monsterous side of humanity to a child? Especially in a way that will permit some remnant of love for humankind to remain? How much harder this, when the child has the power to obliterate continents on a whim?

In a way, each of us faces what Fuschia Shiro is facing right now...for in every human is the humanity that  we all are a part of, and in every face is the mass murderer as well as the saint. The capacity for absolute destruction is in every person, the irrational held back only by the fruits of civilization, be they a flimsy mantle of religion, or a solid constraint of considered ethicality and mutuality. Even so, when we hold our lovers, we also hold a representative of a species that can and does commit any horror imaginable, and which is possessed of the literal power of apocalypse.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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