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Luminous Purity Column

February 22nd, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTES: In this page, I am doing a bit of experimentation again. One thing I played with is the gangliness of character; having just re-watched the original Aeon Flux cartoon shorts, the extremely gaunt, stretched look of the art was on my mind. For panel one, for example, I played a bit with stretching out Heliotrope a little for effect. I also tried a little variation on how I do the hair...I think I am slowly getting down a standardized technique for doing hair this way, which is to say showing every strand. Here I have let the thickness and position of hair lines dictate the shine and brightness, rather than using airbrush to darken or lighten areas of the hair. I am also playing with lighting...in the final panel, I needed to make the column of energy seem very bright, and my solution here was to dim everything else in contrast, then provide deep shadows on the main character, as well as an atmospheric shadow behind her. I am not entirely satisfied (when am I ever?), but maybe it worked.

In the original Kamishibai, the use of the Luminous Purity Column was more comedic - Chartreuse was able to deflect it using a shield generated from her helmet, and there was an aspect of progressive beat-down going on. For the complimentary Kami animation here, I trimmed that to fall in line more with the comic page it refers to. There is one thing in this page I think I feel good about, and that is the projected fireballs and especially their smoke trails in the sky. That turned out better than I feared.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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