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Wings Of Armor

Wednesday 25th, 2006

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Although they have only met today, a death scare compounding waking up from being in an altered state of consciousness is surely enough for poor Fuschia to lose her self control and get a little clingy and foreward. It has been a weird day for her...from flying about in a newswagon, being confronted about her personal secrets, and having love at first sight, as well as the shock of seemingly losing that same love almost immediately...frankly it's a wonder she isn't babbling like a loon by this point, even without CURSOR's interference. I know I would be.

Fuschia, then, must be a pretty tough cookie, if you think about it. That she is unusual is plain - she accepts, as we have heard from CURSOR, the artificiality of Heliotrope and just plain does not care. If anything, she may have a special enjoyment of it, considering her love of strange fantasy books such as her beloved Araphel. Now we see she is very emotionally fluid and adaptable. I guess she would have to be, considering what she has been through in her life so far.

I almost think of Fuschia as the anti-Chartreuse. Where Chartreuse breaks down in anger at the injustice of society and life, Fuschia just keeps on with a can-do attitude, no matter what. Two approaches to the same problem...a lack of any place, or any fortune, in the world.

I really like Fuschia.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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