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Chasing A Dream

September 21st, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  As most readers know, Chatoyant Seven Location Reporter Pailaa Marron is a reference to the character of Mary Richards from the grand old Mary Tylor Moore show... but Pailaa is far more ambitious than the character that inspired her. In that respect, she is more like the plucky ace reporters from the old 40's movies, or from such modern retro-films as Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow.

Pailaa is a very determined woman, and a prototype feminist within the horrifically patriarchal Pastellian society. She is very rare in that she is willing to fight for some degree of equal standing within her career. I always admire such women greatly, while acknowledging their faults...it is easy to become very persnickety when engaged in what amounts to a lonely private war merely to be treated decently. Perhaps that is not a fault, so much as an expected reaction to being under siege.

I often feel disappointed in my gender, and feel that too many women sell themselves short, or refuse to deal with confrontation when it is required. Of course, part of this is training; women are trained to acquiesce by society, but then again I become sad...for it is mothers who so train their daughters. The other part is of course biology; but I think that it is not sufficient to use biology as an excuse. The human intelligence offers the power to fight against biology to a great extent, if a given goal is great enough. Few enough people bother, though, it seems.

Pailaa Marron is one who does bother, she fights for standing in her chosen career in a society where Women's Sufferage is a forgotten dream, and sexual equality is a dim legend from another universe. Go, Pailaa. Go and fight for your place.

I just hope you don't lose your job, because Pastellian society is not kind to women without means.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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