"Wretched reminder of my weakness! Still, you are a fascinating demonstration of the powers of the mysterious Ommnipitor! Neoplastic mannequin. But you have work to do, a USEFUL purpose to fulfill, Heliotrope."

 Page Number: 130

Wretched Miracle

August 11th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  There was a bit I had intended to do in this sequence, which I cut out. I was going to devote a page to having Dr. Aoi notice something about the carved out hole in Heliotrope's chest, and explore the cavity with a finger, finding a microscopic lacework of embedded golden fibers, or perhaps wires, branching like nerves. Clearly this was new, and I was to have, in another panel, Aoi checking out the old Chatoyance lamp that the Omnipitor was first plugged into, which caused it to hop about like Luxo Jr. only to find the same golden filiments. He would then have remarked on how the Omnipitor must have caused this to occur, growing itself into whatever it was jacked into, and that this was likely a clue to how the device could animate jointed objects, the implication being some sort of nanotechnology, or perhaps living, liquid metal embedded into a target object.

Then I thought about it and realized it would be completely awful to follow this course. For one thing, it would have destroyed the flow of the story...breaking a dramatic moment with a pointless diversion into empty details which had nothing to offer and which would only wreck the emotion of the events being portrayed. Additionally, it struck me, that the Omnipitor, because of what it is really for, and what it actually is, would not in any way use such a primitive stone-age technology as nanobots or technorganic living metal, because such clumsy and impotent technology would be beneath such an inconceivably advanced device as the Omnipitor that was originally designed to . . .       - but then, that would be telling. You'll see. In time. 

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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