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Daimon Not Of Socrates

May 11th, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  "The favor of the gods has given me a marvelous gift, which has never left me since my childhood. It is a voice which, when it makes itself heard, deters me from what I am about to do and never urges me on.".  -Socrates

"Socrates explained his daimonion (being the gender neutral form, daimon being masculine or feminine) was an inner voice; therefore, it could not be considered simply an evil power, at least not within the Platonist tradition, for Plato states that "every daimonion is something in between a god and a mortal" (Symposium, 202E). Demonology became part of philosophy in the school of Platonism, especially with Xenocrates, who succeeded Plato's direct successor, Speusippus, as head of the school (339-314 BC). There can be little doubt that the tradition concerning Socrates' daimonion had something to do with this great, absorbing interest."

-With reference to 'The God Of Socrates' by Apuleisus, published by Heptangle Books


By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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