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A Little Mountain

April 21st, 2005

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Copy making cannot be done with the glow of Chatoyance, which is not photonic light. Chatoyance is percieved as light by the human brain, but this is only an attempt to interpret an alien physical phenomena that human beings were never adapted to perceive. Chatoyance can be used to light rooms and project images that the human mind can make use of and recognize, but it fails at other purposes associated with proper light. Chatoyance has no heat, does not cast a proper shadow, and fails to react with many chemicals in a conventional manner. The glow of Chatoyance cannot be focused with a lens of any known form, and some materials which are utterly opaque to light are transparent to Chatoyance.

For this reason, there are devices and tools which must make use of photonic light, which does exist in the cosmos of Pastel. Photonic light eminates from the cosmic Linea, from which all daylight in the universe comes, for example. Because Chatoyance is so easy to collect, and so abundant and so convenient, the various means to generate photonic light are much more expensive, and rare and thus copy machines are correspondingly expensive and rare as well. Whatever Fuschia had copied, therefore, must be important to her, because it would have been fairly expensive on her small wages to afford to do it.

There is a close-up of Fuschia's bike, and information about her job,
in the Closeup's Section

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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