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Lunchtime Doubly So

January 28th, 2005

"Time is an illusion -- lunchtime doubly so."
- Douglas Adams

For loyal readers of Unicorn Jelly, Tryslmaistan is a familiar universe, but this would certainly be an unfamiliar view of it.
Far, far into the future of the entirety of the Unicorn Jelly saga, this Tryslmaistan is one a million years advanced beyond
the arrival of humanity, a place where Ringworld-sized structures are commonplace, and where the Worldplate-sized
welcome-wagon World-Ship seen greeting the Burangidaeni has the same importance as a child's tricycle.

This Tryslmaistan is a universe alien to anything remotely Human, Jellese, Burangidaenian, Taelisian, Calemethartian, or any
of the other many 'drop-in' species that came to join in over the millennia. Here, the species have lost the need for flesh,
other than as a toy to collect and wear for idle whimsey. In this Tryslmaistan no one remembers what it was that CURSOR
was supposed to even represent anymore. The vast, inter-Worldplate sized structures lie empty and abandoned, made
irrelevant by technological and biological advancement so incredible that it has rendered instrumentality beneath
interest or concern. 

Until now, of course.


By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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