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Head In The Clouds

June 15th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: In the distance can be seen the Luminiferous Linea, the source of nearly all light in the universe of Pastel. Some light eminates from the direction of travel, to which all the continents are accelerating, but the true 'daylight' of Pastel comes from this mysterious source.

Now normally, the Linea is not visible to the naked eye, as it is diffused throughout the dense atmospheric void, but it can be detected with sensitive instruments, and however it is that the animated construct that is Heliotrope percieves the world, her superior capacities are decidedly up to the task of viewing the Linea. Thus, we are seeing things in this page in 'Helio-Vision' as it were.

No scientist on Pastel at this time understands what the Linea actually is, or how the light is produced, and so it is a great mystery to Pastellian cosmologists. In fact, the Luminiferous Linea is actually a cosmological artifact of the original...oh, but that would be telling.

All in due time.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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