Fear And Reason

 Page Number: 57

Fear And Reason

April 12th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES: One can only imagine how crudely the drunken Dr. Aoi must have hacked a hole for the Omnipitor in the chest of his neoplastic doll, yet the cavity is clearly smooth and sealed around the omnipitor, as though everything had been manufactured for just this purpose. Certainly the material of the doll is soft and yielding, and easily manipulated, far more so than the hard metal of the lamp.

It is suggested then, that if the Omnipitor can define something of its function from the context and structure of what it is grafted to, as Aoi suggests, and it can learn, which is clear, then it is also possible that the Omnipitor may possess some drive to adapt to, and even repair, the form it is attached to. Or, perhaps, it merely is driven to consolidate its position as solidly as possible, once it is placed into a structure it can make use of.

Surely these, and many other thoughts must be flooding Aoi's mind at this moment, the intellectual fascination overcoming the blind panic that would have overtaken a lesser man. 

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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