Hidden In Plain Sight

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Hidden In Plain Sight

March 18th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Table lamps, overhead light fixtures, panel indicators, and other forms of lighting almost universally make use of Chatoyant Yellow, the ring-shaped concreton of Yellow Chatoyance. Chatoyant Yellow is so convenient, that it can be used essentially straight from the concretonizing monolith, and produces a clear, if somewhat yellow Chatoyance, which is interpreted by the human perception as light.

Over time, Chatoyant concretons degrade, as they radiate their Chatoyance back into the cosmos. As this happens, Chatoyant Yellow, for example, becomes more and more dingy, dry, and dim, and it begins to crack, crumble, and shrink. In time it will evaporate entirely. Dr. Aoi's table lamp uses a replacible standard size of Chatoyant fixture, but clearly has been forgotten in that cardboard REV box for a very long time.

As a side note, REV is a popular soft drink in pastel, with the marketing campaign of 'Revitalize With REV!"
The cardboard box in Dr. Aoi's closet was once a case of REV, Aoi being a fairly heavy consumer of the beverage. REV is made from assorted fruit flavorings, and would best be described as a cross between 7-UP mixed with Dr. Pepper with a  dash of sour apple juice for tartness. 

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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