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Just Poking Around

January 20th, 2004

PAGE FOOTNOTES:  Concretonized Chatoyanite is the raw form of Viresium. The shapes are how the substance forms, like ore. Viresium can then be processed in multitudinous ways, and used to make products.

Ril, Pastellian currency, is made with metal that has Chatoyant Yellow mixed into it. First the halo-like rings of Chatoyant Yellow is processed into Chatoyant Aurum, which is a fine, brightly glowing powder, resistant to high temperatures. Mixed in with melted metal, it imparts a brilliant sheen and soft glow to the metal, which is then minted into rectangular coins.

Chatoyant Yellow can also be processed into Chatoyant Luxia, a semi-gaseous liquid. It's kind of like a cool plasma, neither liquid nor gas, but something a little like both, yet neither. It is injected into hollow, glass halo-rings -a reference to the original Viresium, in actuality, the container could be any shape at all- where it produces light. This is the lighting rings we see in many scenes. The light is constant in Chatoyant Luxia, which would be annoying to we from earth. The Pastellians have adapted to their cosmos in that they accept constant light. Indeed, constant light is safe and normal for them. However, they do suffer some illness from disruptions of their melatonin cycles, and many have sleep problems, this is just an accepted part of their lives. However, despite the compromised immune system that such melatonin problems can cause, sickness is very, very rare, since there are almost no pathogens to attack them. The universe the Pastellians migrated from was nearly a completely sterile environment, and most pathogens were killed off ages ago. The Pastellians just...cope with constant light, and indeed, if we were to take one to our Mundis cosmos, and put them in a dark room, they might well go mad from the darkness.

What then about Pastellians that go blind? Ah, now this is where it gets interesting....the blind still see a dim background glow, even if they have no eyes, and no retinas at all. How? Chatoyance permeates all matter, including the matter that makes up the visual cortex of the brain...and the light from Chatoyance is not 'real' light. It is something which the human brain and nervous system is stimulated by, which is interpreted as not unlike light, but it is not light. It is a form of radiation that can affect neurons, among other things, but it is not light, not photons. Real photonic light in Pastel comes from an as yet, unexplained source, from a specific direction parallel to the direction of continent travel, and diffuses through the misty, airy void. The air casts a Chatoyant 'glow', as do almost all things to some degree, but it is not the light that can make plants grow, for example. Plants will not grow under the radiations of Chatoyance alone.

By Jennifer Diane Reitz

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